VelourTouch™ Door Program

VelourTouch™ captures today’s trends of extreme matte finishes and contemporary neutral colours that some of our other collections don’t provide.Quality, beautiful, worry-free and affordable materials are manufactured at Olon just for your building needs.

Available in 12 contemporary neutral colours, the VelourTouchTM surface is silky to the touch, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. OL Frontal Solutions provides a complete collection of materials so it's easy to build beautiful furniture in just one stop.

Product offering

  • Wrapped 5 Piece Door Mouldings
  • Wrapped Accessory Mouldings
  • 6mm Laminated Panels for 5 Piece Door Construction
  • 5/8" and 3/4" Laminated Panels for Flat Doors & Casegoods
  • DecoLINKTM Flexible & Postformable Laminate

Product Appearance

  • The colours and finishes of NEXGEN® laminates make it nearly impossible to differentiat from real wood. Now available in 15 different finishes.
  • Stile & rail construction with perpendicular grain direction perfectly resembles a wood door.
  • Olon surface laminates allow for perfect colour matching and fade-resistance years after the original cabinetry is installed. Whether you want to add more cabinetry or simply replace a door, any new addition will be a perfect match to the original.

Notable Features

  • Olon 5 piece door components in NEXGEN® laminates offer a permanent antimicrobial surface with higher heat, scratch and stain resistance versus RTF (vinyl) and solid wood doors.
  • There is no staining or finishing required, therefore saving time, labor and equipment costs. (Glazing or highlighting can be added.)
  • Our tight manufacturing tolerances allow you to produce beautiful miters.
  • We use only premium MDF for a better quality product. While solid wood profiles tend to warp and twist, MDF profiles remain straight. (MDF FSC, NAUF, Fire Rated or Water resistant cores also available.)
  • Zero formaldehyde emission may be achieved with assembled

OLON TFL Partners for NEXGEN® Signature Products

Olon Industries offre des agencements complémentaires aux fabricants de TFL et HPL les plus populaires en Amérique du Nord. (Les stratifiés Olon NEXGENMD sont fabriqués à partir de papier identique afin d’obtenir un agencement exact des couleurs)

Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour voir les couleurs de fabricant.

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NEXGEN® Door Mouldings

OL Frontal Solutions product line of 5 Piece Door components and Interior Door components offers a truly perfect synergy. Our components are profile wrapped in the same base materials and prints to perfectly match TFL and HPL materials that are used on exposed cabinet exteriors.

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